Educational project

At Kiddies school learning is a continuous process, where the children become the centre. Daily routines, objects and resources offer great and rich opportunities for integral development and play. Its project is based on the development of the MIT (multiple intelligence theory) and in the framework of art and creativity from the Reggian schools of Loris de Malaguzzi. Children from 4 months to 3 years- old will grow up and learn in a nurturing environment where:
    • We stimulate the children’s senses by encouraging hands-in activities, which offer the possibility of discovery, fostering the building of ideas, images and hypothesis. The manipulation of materials, as well as experiencing textures, temperature, raise the children’s interest and curiosity to discover. This curiosity turns into a blast off ideas, hypothesis, questions that need to be answered or solved by doing.
    • At Kiddies School play has an important role. Play is movement and activity both in the emotional and intellectual grounds which develops individual as well as cooperative skills. Manipulating and exploring different and various materials and textures pave the way to symbolic play, role play, dramatization and simulation.  Materials and resources become the means through which they convey meaning. The teachers carefully select those that are more appropriate to the children’s age, interests and development, besides listening, keeping records, providing and enriching the experience.  Everybody interacts and contributes to the whole. Due to play being such a valuable source of knowledge of the world, and of the children’s development it becomes a key stage in every day classroom.
    • We offer great exposure to art : puppets show, theatre plays, shadow puppetry, general assemblies once a week, traditional games, workshops, musical assemblies, sound quests, dance. The means to communicate is English. The visual aids, the sound, music, mime and scenery help the children to get the message through, build new ideas and kick off play.
    • Creativity is stimulated at all times.
    • The classroom planning is carefully designed according to the theory of multiple Intelligences and the principles of Reggian’s schools. Both blended to provide a stimulating environment for learning to take place.
During these first stages, it is crucial to stimulate and provide children with the richest experiences so as to foster critical thinking, build self esteem, gain autonomy and control over their bodies and movements in a cooperative, friendly and encouraging environment.