English immersion program

Kiddies School offers:

– 3 to 14 year old children

– Native and bilingual Teachers 

– Independent facilities on upper floor 

– Cambridge levels : Flyers Pet – Ket 

– Self Access Centre ( computers room for develoving receptive and productive skills)

 – Twice a week from 17pm to 19pm, 60 € per month

The school offers a partial immersion program to acquire English naturally, which becomes a unique challenge to the school, teachers, families, and community.

There are three main goals of the language immersion program at Kiddies’ School. As a result of the language immersion program, pupils will:

  1. Acquire English naturally.
  2. Be able to use English in various content areas.
  3. Have fun in learning.

To acquire a new language that is not the main language of the society in which they live (i.e. English), students need a high degree of motivation and perseverance. They will acquire the language naturally if the learning environment is set up in a way that maximizes the opportunities for the students to be exposed to high-quality language input. The immersion teacher is the main model for the language and conducts all kinds of learner- centered tasks to encourage conversation and interaction as well as the building of vocabulary in real settings. In a partial immersion setting, the academic work is based on meaningful activities in English such as science projects, art, music, literacy workshops, PE, drama etc.